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Update! OpenTTD 1.6.1

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Wir haben so eben das Update für unsere OpenTTD-Server eingespielt. Es sind diverse Korrekturen, sowie kleine Änderungen und Neuerungen, vorgenommen worden. Anbei für euch natürlich das vollständige Changelog zum genauen Nachlesen.

Wie immer stehen euch alle 4 Server wieder zur Verfügung.

1.6.1 (2016-07-01)
- Fix: Compilation and optimisation issues with GCC6 (r27606, r27605, r27595)
- Fix: Compilation with --disable-network [FS#6481] (r27602)
- Fix: [NewGRF] shift-and-add-divide/modulo varadjusts use signed division/modulo (r27600)
- Fix: Company 0 could accept engine previews before they were offered (r27598)

1.6.1-RC1 (2016-06-01)
- Feature: Mexican Spanish (r27564, r27553, r27552)
- Change: Performance improvement for dedicated servers by skipping drawing calls earlier in the process [FS#6402] (r27579)
- Fix: Automatic servicing of road vehicles compared path finder costs with tile distances, thus vehicles went to depots which were factor 100 too far away [FS#6410] (r27586)
- Fix: Enforce a non-zero load amount for all vehicles, so that vehicles can process their cargo reservations [FS#6437] (r27585, r27584)
- Fix: Do not decrease the column width of depot windows when vehicles with high unitnumbers leave [FS#6415] (r27583)
- Fix: Button size computation in script configuration window [FS#6461] (r27581)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Set date of last service on construction also for wagons and articulated parts [FS#6395] (r27580)
- Fix: Vehicles could not be hidden from the purchase list when they were in exclusive preview [FS#6454] (r27578)
- Fix: Dock and roadstop picker, client list and town authority window did not auto-resize according to their content when they were positioned at the bottom of the screen [FS#6386] (r27577)
- Fix: Various incorrect but uncritical size computations in the content client [FS#6449] (r27576, r27570)
- Fix: Memory leak when disabling palette animation [FS#6404] (r27575)
- Fix: [NewGRF] The house id as returned by house variable 66 was incorrect when querying neighboured tiles [FS#6432] (r27574)
- Fix: [Build] Compilation failure with gcc 6.1 due to headers included after safeguards.h [FS#6467] (r27573)
- Fix: Convenience savegame bump to distinguish 1.6 savegames from 1.5 savegames [FS#6442] (r27572)
- Fix: [Build] Force sorting to be locale independent, so files are always ordered the same and by that token better diff-able (r27562, r27558)
- Fix: Typos in comments and string (r27561, r27560)
- Fix: [Build] bashism that caused different CFLAGS with bash vs dash (r27557)
- Fix: Use a more appropriate sound effect for convert-rail (r27547)
- Fix: Remove SetFill from vehicle GUI buttons, so that the viewport is resized instead of them in case of long window titles (r27546)
- Fix: [Script] Generation of API wrappers (r27545, r27544, r27543)
- Fix: [Windows] ICU got disabled for Windows builds, breaking RTL support [FS#6427] (r27542)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Station spritelayouts did not accept the var10 flag for the palette [FS#6435] (r27534)

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