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Update! Version 1.7.0

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Im Zuge des Serverumzugs haben wir euch auch gleich die aktuellste Version, also nen Update, von OpenTTD aufgespielt. Die neue Version bringt einige Veränderungen mit, weshalb ihr auf jedenfall das angehängte Changelog beachten solltet. Auch einige Fehler wurden behoben, was das Spielen natürlich direkt angenehmer macht.

Solltet ihr Wünsche oder Anregungen haben, so schreibt uns doch einfach im Forum.

Anbei wie gewohnt das Changelog.

1.7.0 (2017-04-01)

1.7.0-RC1 (2017-03-11)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Extend the DCxx range to D800-DFFF (r27769)
- Feature: [NewGRF, script] Increase the maximum number of GameScript texts to 64k, and NewGRF texts to 512k (r27758)
- Feature: [NewGRF] CB 37 results 0x0401 and 0x0800-0BFF for improved control of display of input cargos in the industry GUI (r27751)
- Feature: Sprites missing in outdated basesets are now provided by openttd.grf (r27732, r27731, r27730)
- Feature: [NewGRF] String command 9A 1E to print the name of a cargo type (r27707, r27706)
- Feature: [Debug] Assign descriptive names to threads [FS#6471] (r27674, r27673, r27670)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Allow composing vehicles from multiple sprites (r27668)
- Change: Enable realistic train and road vehicle acceleration by default (r27760)
- Change: Hide the drive-in stops from the tram station picker (r27734)
- Change: Do not count static NewGRF when checking for the maximum number of NewGRFs in a game (r27729)
- Change: Limit waypoint area by maximum station spread during dragging (r27710)
- Change: [Build] Re-enable Wnarrowing for gcc 4.9+ [FS#6532] (r27709, r27703)
- Change: List railtype of rail tiles explicitly in the tile info window (r27686)
- Change: Re-arrange the autoreplace GUI for trains, and do not filter it by railtype by default (r27683)
- Change: Various performance improvements to CargoDist and LinkGraphs (r27682, r27681, r27614, r27613, r27612, r27611)
- Change: Improve randomisation of rough land appearance (r27657)
- Change: [Build] Enable C++11 for clang 3.3 (r27654)
- Fix: Insufficient thread synchronisation when switching blitters lead to crashes [FS#6510] (r27775)
- Fix: Enabling palette animation for 32bpp blitters while paused skipped initialisation of the palette and resulted in black windows [FS#5889] (r27774)
- Fix: Intro games other than the traditional nightly one would cause townname NewGRFs to not get activated in the game options [FS#5819] (r27772)
- Fix: Some variables were not reset between loading old savegames, which made loading them fail [FS#6540] (r27770)
- Fix: Removing secondary roadtypes from bridges was factor 2 too cheap [FS#6538] (r27746)
- Fix: Extra viewports did not center on the selected tile [FS#6537] (r27743)
- Fix: [Build] Building on newer OSX versions with newer SDKs [FS#6295, FS#6502] (r27727, r27675)
- Fix: Improve error message when trying to build rail track over a depot  (r27726)
- Fix: Rescanning NewGRF in-game could break the loaded NewGRF, if very many NewGRF were in use (r27721)
- Fix: Text could overflow various GUI elements [FS#6527] (r27713)
- Fix: Memory leak when reloading NewGRF (r27690, r27688, r27687)
- Fix: When removing objects of bankrupt companies the tiles may revert to canal. In that case also check the ownership of the canal [FS#6511] (r27656)
- Fix: Make the console file commands operate independent of the save/load GUI (r27645)
- Fix: When dragging vehicles in group or depot GUI, draw the complete articulated vehicle (r27632)
- Fix: When dragging multiple vehicles in the depot, make the destination gap as long as the chain instead of just considering the first vehicle (r27629)
- Fix: [Build] Change the GCC version detection so that it works with two-digit and truncated versions [FS#6487] (r27623, r27616)
- Fix: Do not hide filtered and highlighted industries by overlapping tiles in the zoomed-out smallmap (r27622, r27621, r27620)
- Fix: [Script] Kill scripts, when a non-suspendable valuator call takes way too long [FS#6473] (r27594)

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